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Men's Formal Stylish Loafers Shoes

Dear Friend,

In a short time, what you will be seeing are pictures of some Comfortable Formal Men’s Loafers,

They are all shades of ClassLuxuryStyle, and Comfort.

Made by hand from High-end Shoe materials

They are available in a variety of Colors, Styles, and Designs as you will see below:

#1 Blue

#2 Brown

#3 Emerald Green

#4 Light Brown

#5 Red

#6 Blue

These are some Men’s Stylish Loafer and… If you are interested they are available in sizes ranging from…

40 - 46

Imagine having a shoe of this quality… Imagine having a shoe like this so Comfortable and Stylish

Imagine the attention you will be commanding whenever you step out with these shoes ON

Imagine being walked up to by strangers… And all they want to do is to compliment your look… and then they ask YOU for tips on how they too can spice up their fashion and their style

This shoe is not only comfortable, but also they are the embodiment of Luxury and Elegance

This now brings me to the point… 

How Much Should You Pay To Own A Pair Of This Shoe?

I wouldn’t want to beat around the BUSH, so let’s cut to the chase…

These are Quality Premium shoes so they are kind of pricey

A pair of these shoes would sell for around N75,000 in any retail boutique or store

And most of those boutique owners get these shoes from us.

If you want to buy this shoe from us, we normally would sell this shoe for N65,000

But you won’t buy this shoe for as much as that,

You see,

If you are interested and you would like to own a pair…

I would like to tell you that for a limited time, (that is as long as this page is still UP and accessible)

You will get a N20,000 discount (a 31% off) for this shoe.

So you will be paying only…


And like we said, this offer is valid as long as this page is still accessible.

And with the look of things…

Our stock is quite limited, so there is a huge possibility that this page might not be up for LONG.

So, If you would like to own a pair… I will urge you to place your order ASAP

 I don’t think NOW is too soon, do you?

Also, When you place an order

You will get for FREE as Gift A Shoeshine Polish and A Pair of Quality Socks

And not only that…

This item will be delivered to the address you will be providing… FREE-OF-CHARGE



And we are not done yet,

If you order 2 Pairs, you get an extra N2,000 Discount

3 Pairs gives you a discount of N4,000

Order 4 Pairs and get N6,000 extra discount

Also, If you order 5 Pairs, you get a discount of N8,000

Note That Each pair of shoes you order comes with its Shoeshine.

Now, Here Is Our Guarantee to You...

We know you may be skeptical about ordering from us,

So we want to solve that now,

We guarantee that you will love the item you order, so we want you to pay us for this item ONLY if it is what you want…

Here is what I mean:

Once you place your order, we will ship this item to you FREE-OF-CHARGE,

And what we want you to do is take your time to INSPECT and TEST it

And we want you to pay for it ONLY when you are satisfied…

Which means you will be…


Makes sense right? I mean this is a no-brainer

Here is How You Place Your Order!

Click on the Red Button Below that says “Click Here To Order Now

Immediately you do that, a form will come up.

What you should do next is to enter your information in that form: Your name, Email, Phone Number, Address You want this item shipped to, The Special Code Number of the item you are ordering, Size, and the Quantity you want.

After you are done filling, Kindly submit the form.

As soon as you do that, you will be taken to a new page, this page is just to let you know that your order was successful.

After this, you will receive a call from us to confirm your order… and to ensure that all your information was correct.

Then, If you are in Lagos you will get your item within 48 Hours

If you stay outside Lagos, delivery to your location will take between 3 – 5 days


N65,000 (31% OFF)



N65,000 (31% OFF)

If you would like to reach out to us via Phone or WhatsApp, Click on their respective link below


N65,000 (31% OFF)


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